sofco Scheduling

As the market is becoming more sophisticated in terms of products and service flexibility as well as delocalisation and outsourcing, organisations are facing stronger competitive pressures.

All of this leads them to demand ever greater efficiency and ever shorter reaction times from their production departments.

sofco Scheduling software considers all the main production variables, such as the capacity of work centres, set-up times, constraints and corporate production policies; it slims down operational processes, enhances the use of production assets, improves the synchronisation of internal and third-party work to better meet delivery objectives.

Operation Scheduling
Performance management is integral to the solution. Correlated metrics help identify issues with accurate and timely information, choose and apply the best planning scenario and ultimately have a clear understanding of the implications of these decisions on both operational and financial KPIs. While planning, multiple what-if alternatives can be assessed taking into account variables such as promotions, inventory costs, customers' ABC classification, as well as impact on profitability and margins to always determine the best trade-offs.

Revenue & Profit

From Profit and Loss calculations, to converting forecasts to net sales, utilising price lists/customer specific pricing and discount structures, sofco’s product range supports organisations assess the real trade-off of each decision. The solution reduces complexity for users by moving to exception management with clear signals and warnings that create calls to action. The sofco product range can incorporate any mathematical measure and support different organisations with algorithms that will calculate net sales based on their business model. Data from supply planning and production is collected allowing results to be analysed at every level.

Risks & Opportunities

The sofco product range provides the commercial teams with the tools they need to determine where decisions need to be made. Assumptions are illustrated clearly with visual dashboards showing demand by country/region, with the capability to adjust, see actuals, gaps, evaluate main risks & opportunities and assign to the forecast. Powerful scenarios allow users to look at the impact of a lost sale or increase in volume on the supply chain and any third parties.

Key Functionality
The Benefits
  • Integrated Financial Planning
  • Dynamic Scenarios
  • Root Cause Analytics
  • Microsoft Technology
  • Advanced ‘What-If’ functionalities
  • Embedded KPI
  • Trade-Off Analysis
The Benefits
  • Improve forecast accuracy and perfect order rates
  • Reduce overall inventories and cash to cash cycles
  • Obtain lower supply chain costs from higher resource utilisation
  • Avoid islands of planning and create transparent more efficient decision making
  • Improved Profit Margins and return on assets
  • Reduced Obsolescence
  • Benefit from an integrated, formalised process (roles, milestones, objectives, reviews)

Sofco Limited
sofco is also an & Distribution partner
sofco Limited is a company registered in England and Wales
Company Number 11018126

Sofco Limited
sofco is also an & Distribution partner
sofco Limited is a company registered in England and Wales
Company Number 11018126