sofco Supply Planning

Supply chain networks are becoming ever more complex with many organisations turning to outsourcing and delocalisation, with increased distances between production and consumer locations.

sofco Supply Planning software helps optimise business processes, enhancing visibility throughout the entire Supply Chain, which therefore becomes more agile, more efficient and demand-driven. All of which is focused on achieving a better customer service level and on reducing overall operating costs for the company.

Production Planning
Converts the Demand Plan and Inventory Plan to a multi-level supply of Raw Materials, Semi-Finished and Finished Goods considering constraints in terms of rules, capacity, resources, and materials. This is achieved using the sofco FPA (Finite Planning Algorithm) and simulations to support the planner in identifying the best possible feasible plan to support the business objectives. For instance, this can be applied to demand allocation to various production units, use of overtime, alternate resources, sub-contractors and alternate materials. Multiple scenarios can be developed and compared using KPIs before deployment as the published plan.

Procurement Planning

The procurement plan can be generated using a classic MRP assuming infinite availability or sofco FPA which considers both availability and alternative materials and sources of supply. Supplier selection is based on rules and stock availability as required (e.g. percentage split, cost, preferred supplier, etc). Sources of supply can also automatically change based on seasonal calendars and procurement can be linked to contracts to monitor consumption and notifying when new contracts need to be considered.

Distribution Planning

Models the distribution network and determines which products to allocate to which distribution centres based on demand and rules set by the planner. Planning simultaneously takes into account: demand, the geographical location of production sites, distribution centres and customers, primary and secondary routing, lead times, as well as production and transportation capacities.

Replenishment Planning

Generates point of sale/secondary distribution centres replenishment plans, as well as requests to main distribution centres, both in terms of optimal quantities and dates. These plans are elaborated by simultaneous consideration of forecasts and their degree of reliability, product management policies (supply lead time, minimum - multiple replenishment lots), stock management policies (safety stock, dynamic lot sizing), delivery calendar and logistic-operative replenishment features.

Inventory Planning & Optimisation

Inventory levels can be planned and projected forward in time at the desired levels in the supply chain. These can be planner set levels based on fixed or dynamic values or calculated statistically based on a range of rules and desired outcomes. Where goods or materials are perishable, the system considers the life and therefore expiration of the product (by batch) when planning. The resultant plan gives the business visibility both from a volume and financial perspective on this important and potentially costly asset.

Machine Learning

Takes the form of Hyper Parameterisation where past and current plans are analysed in terms of outcomes and parameters used (throughput rates, lead times, lot sizing). The system runs alternate scenarios using different educated parameter values to recommend improved settings to users as ‘Insights’. Insights are presented to the user alongside the existing parameter settings allowing comparison. The user can view the alternate plan results as a scenario and decide whether to adopt the recommended Insights and resultant plan.

ATP/CTP (Available to Promise/Capable to Promise)

Customers are consistently demanding shorter and more accurate response times when enquiring on delivery dates for new orders or enquires. An accurate and fast response can give a competitive edge. sofco ATP/CTP will rapidly return accurate delivery dates, considering available inventory, capacity and materials without compromising existing customer commitments, while joining up Customer Services and Planning.

Next Generation

Key Functionality
The Benefits
  • Single or multi-site environment
  • Multi-site Distribution Planning
  • Multi-tier Replenishment Planning
  • Shelf life constraints
  • Single or multiple recipe management
  • Scenario modelling
The Benefits
  • Improved service level and productivity
  • Improved use of distribution resources
  • Shorter re-planning times
  • Reduced stocks of finished products
  • Lower production, procurement and distribution costs
  • Pre promotion evaluation & approval

Sofco Limited
sofco is also an & Distribution partner
sofco Limited is a company registered in England and Wales
Company Number 11018126

Sofco Limited
sofco is also an & Distribution partner
sofco Limited is a company registered in England and Wales
Company Number 11018126